Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Flying Sites: Map

Here in Hawaii we fly in tradewinds during most of the year. These winds blow against the northeast facing side of the Koolau mountain range and produce smooth and predictable ridge lift to keep us up for hours at a time. Most of the flying on Oahu takes place on the windward side. But during the winter we enjoy a brief rainy season, and the tradewinds are often interrupted by low pressure systems and fronts that turn the wind around for weeks on end. This is when we get to fly some of our more infrequently flown ridges on other parts of the island.

Here are some general guidelines to help new pilots and visitors figure out where we might be thinking of flying in various conditions:

Light to moderate N: Dillingham
Light to moderate N to E: Makapuu
Moderate NE to E: Lanikai
Moderate NE to E: Kahana
Moderate SE: Koko Crater
Moderate S: Diamond Head
Light SE to S: Tantalus
Moderate SW: Koko Head
Light SW: Mariners Ridge
Moderate W: Makua
Moderate NW: Sunset
Light, any direction: Nanakuli

Measured at sea level in open areas, light winds are those blowing in the general range of 1 to 8 mph, and moderate winds blow from about 7 to 13 mph.