Friday, January 13, 2006

Greg at the Craters, Flagstaff

On my trip to Arizona I was able to go to the craters (Marion and Sheba)near Flagstaff. There are two Volcanic cinder cones, the tops of which are about 800 to 900feet AGL. My sister was driving her 4 wheel drive Explorer up one of them, when she got stuck on the 45 dergree slope in loose cinders. She was scared Shi_less about backing down and trying giving it another go. I had switch places with her, then back down 50 yards and then drive to the top with my sister and niece walking up. The top was fairly strong, but was very doable. The problem was the direction. The wind was coming directly from the other crater and I was not sure what kind of rotors would be created by the other hill. I did not want to chance em, so I drove us down and over to the other crater. Driving down scared my sister and neice silly and they said under no circumstances would they drive to the top of the other crater. So I had to settle for the bunny hill and very weak thermals. I did get three sledders though. Yippeeeeee!!!!!!


Alex said...

Those are awesome photos Greg. A very different color scheme than what we're used to.

Anonymous said...


Next time you or any of the Hawaii brethern are in Flag, let me know and we'll go fly the Craters. I'll round up the locals. I met you at Dixon's first fly in. You can e-mail me

Alex - I think I flew with you at Kahana 4 or 5 years ago when Pete had his shop. Good times.



The Dangler said...

Thanks Matt,

I will give you a Buzz for sure.


Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong e-mail in the previous comment. That would be matt_mcglamery(at) please replace the (at) with @ to keep the spammers at bay.

Happy Landings,