Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Gallery of Photos and Videos

Local pilots, let us know about your online photos and videos so we can set up a link to them. Try www.flickr.com if you don't already have a photo account elsewhere. Thanks for sharing!


Brazilian Ray said...

Alex, my brother took some pics for us in brazil....




Nick said...

Instructions on how to get your photos added to the photo rotation above the chatterbox:

*Send an entire set to the rotation*

1) Login to your www.flickr.com account
2)Go to the Organize menu, Sets and Collections, (dbl click the set), Batch Edit, Send to Group, (select Wind Lines).

*Send a single photo to the rotation*

1) Select photo (double click)
2) In the menu options right above the photo (same row where the size option is located), Click "Send to group"
3) Choose Windlines. Done.