Saturday, September 25, 2021

Membership Meeting- Saturday October 2, 7pm

 Saturday October 2, 7pm at 660 Palawiki St., Reaper’s House. We haven’t had a meeting in a while and Reaper offered up his house for the night. We will be going over club issues and news, seeing each other’s face for a change and generally just getting together for a bit. BYOB and maybe bring a pupu. Bring $20 for dues, the club is low on cash.

COVID rules will be in place, Reaper mom is there. Most of the action will be outdoors. Hopefully, everyone is vaccinated by now, but if you are really worried, stay home instead. And really, getting COVID isn’t even in the top three of bad things that can happen to you at Reapers party pad!

Seriously, we hope to see you all next Saturday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Fight or Flight: Monkeys in Orbit

If you say the word "Chelan" to a free flight pilot who has never been there, it triggers a mental cascade of images and lore passed through the ages. Dust Devils. Wind. Bombouts. Cloud streets. Turbulence. Big lines, big plans, personal bests, and stinging defeats. By the time Matty Senior came touring through Oahu in February with his merry band of crushers, a good percentage of the local crew had already plopped down six hundred bucks to attend his comp(s) this July and sample the goods.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Chelan 2021: The Circle Jerk!


Can’t stop turning!

The 2021 Ozone Chelan Open in Chelan WA just finished up and we had a big show of Hawaii monkeys there for the fun and the dust. The old crew:  JK, Doug Hoffman (with son Matt) and I, along with the Maui guys Jeff and Louie. The hard charging newer guys, Drew and Marc. And the new comp pilots; Patrick, Marcel, Marissa and Nour. Reaper was also on hand volunteering and doing Reaper stuff all week. Alex couldn’t make it this year due to mechanical problems, lingering symptoms from his pneumonia, but was fully involved from back in Hawaii. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

When ya gotta go!

 Monkey's in Ozone Chelan Open

Well it's Day 3 of the comp and all is well. Everyone has huge smiles and is really tired after just two EPIC days of high altitude flying. So far it's been a really fun comp and all the monkey's have personnel bests.

But, the best of the monkey business was Drew's landing at goal yesterday.

Here's the video titled "When ya gotta go!"

Friday, June 18, 2021

Ko’olau Tag Team: Makapu’u to La’ie by the Bootstraps

The Subsolar Point

For seven weeks in early summer, the Hawaiian sun leaves the southern sky and pushes north, grazing the Tropic of Cancer on the solstice before returning home in mid July. The steep north slopes of the Ko’olau range lie in shadow most of the year, but by the end of May the ahupua’a from Waimanalo to Kahuku are bathed in fierce mid-day heat. On the first of June, slightly past solar noon, I hooked into a thermal at the edge of the Punalu’u watershed that carried me up and over Kalanui stream at the back of Hau’ula.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Memorial Fly-in for Big Mike Saturday June 19th 12:00 PM at Makapuu LZ

David Mike McLaren, aka Big Mike, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday June 8th after a tough battle with cancer. Big Mike was a former paragliding student of mine having achieved his P2 in 2011 and my dive buddy of many years.

Mike was more commonly seen riding his Harley and hanging out at the LZ or the many parties and BBQ's we had at Fort Gravity.

Mike was an avid diver and probably the biggest fish out of the water I've ever seen. He loved diving in the Philippines and made several trips a year.  

Friday, April 30, 2021

Kahana LZ Closed

Got a voicemail Wednesday from DLNR that the beach at Kahana will be closed until further notice while they have contractors resolving the falling ironwood trees. They say it will likely be closed through Memorial Day or longer. Because they reached out to us with that call, our permit to fly there will depend on our cooperation. We can still launch there but we’ll need to land elsewhere. As of today, the parking lot across the highway on the mauka side of the park is still open.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Coming Up For Air: a slice of Waianae leeside

Short version:  We flew the Knob on a weird day.

Long version:  For those who appreciate a no-holds-barred geek-out on my approach to site assessment, read on.

Monday, January 18, 2021

A Solid Winter Day: Achieving Critical Mass on the North Shore of Oahu

Ninety minutes after stepping off launch my plan was going swimmingly. A small gaggle of pilots was established over a nice trigger halfway between the front lift band and the back ridge line, and I had searched out from the center a bit to find a punchy little core that held together long enough to beam me up to the high point of my flight. There, at 2,600 feet just shy of the back ridge, it would be an easy glide north, high over the complex system of ridge fingers and gullies until I could link one or two more climbs to access the high ground between Three Fingers and Mount Ka'ala. The fact that the expert pilots in the group didn't join me in my obviously better climb did in fact dimly register in my decision making, but Who's The Expert Now? Yeah!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The 1/6th Million Dollar Man

As many of you have heard, I had a paragliding accident mid November while buzzing close to the hill below the Manics Lookout. After twenty years of flying paragliders and 57 years of generally being risky in life, I got bit.

The basic cause of the accident was a little bit of bad conditions and a lot of pilot error. Conditions were switchy that day, from east, to light north and back to east. I hiked my acro wing over to Manics putting up streamers showing a light north flow, thinking I might get a little parapark action. A bunch of pilots were there including Matt and Marcel.