Sunday, September 24, 2017


I usually get up, grind some beans and let the morning start off with a percolation of coffee. But there was a rumor going around last night about a morning mission, well, at 6:00 am I got the text.  Master Jorge sent out his eta for Makapuu 6:25ish.  No time to grind, I headed out to Makapuu.

Jorge had to suffer through the bike race traffic We launched from crazies just around 7:00 am. missing the sunrise.  I think this was my first dawn patrol at Makapuu, it was magic.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Le Road Trip!

I was struggling to get high in the serpentine thermals above the grassy pasture on the launch ridge. Some local pilots were drifting and climbing well over the back, but I was playing it safer on the front side. Then I heard Jon’s voice on the radio: this is high enough, guys, let’s go explore! And sure enough he turned and headed straight for the high snowy crags at the back of the launch valley. Pete aimed that way too. Somehow I didn’t realize that was actually our plan but I guess I was going along!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Double Vision

Feeling down and dirty, feeling kinda mean
I've been from one to another extreme
It's time I had a good time, ain't got time to wait
I wanna stick around till I can't see straight

Fill my eyes with that double vision
No disguise for that double vision
Ooh, when it gets through to me, it's always new to me
My double vision gets the best of me

Never do more than I, I really need
My mind is racing, but my body's in the lead
Tonight's the night, I'm gonna push it to the limit
I live all of my years in a single minute

Monday, July 17, 2017

Meeting and Party, Sunday July 23, at my house!

Please join us for a meeting and potluck at the Punaluu ranch. Possibly after a nice day of flying next door at Kahana. USHPA executive director Martin Palmaz happens to be in town and is excited to meet with us. Our last meeting got rained out, so we've rescheduled this one for next weekend to take advantage of Martin's visit. Although instead of a rain check, this time we might need a hurricane check! Cross your fingers, or whatever else you can think of, to divert Fernanda to cooler waters. We'll start at 5 PM and aim to wrap up by 8 PM since it's a school night. Watch this space for updates, and feel free to stake out your potluck ideas in the comments. The green egg will be fired up for grilling.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Shoot Out at O-Kna Corral

Today started like every other day, pot a coffee on the fire and packing old Frontier with supplies for a trip up North. While chewing and swallowing down my first cup of mud, I surveyed a Blip map and put my nose to the Iwind. Finally a telegraph from Broken Toe Colby reading, 'High Noon'(stop) 'O-Kna Corrall' (stop) 'Be There' (stop).  It was time to load up and trek North.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Meeting and Party, Saturday June 10 at Kahana

Sorry for the last minute notice! Since many of our pilots are already planning to camp out the weekend of June 10-11, at Kahana campsites 7-10, we figured we should take advantage and hold a long overdue meeting and party, before everyone leaves town for various summer adventures. There's nothing urgent to vote on but lots of site updates and general news. Looks like Fireman Dave will already have left town, but hopefully most of you can make it! Meeting to start at 7 PM at the latest, or maybe earlier if everyone is already sick of flying all day. Watch this space for updates.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Photograph Presentation Invitation

First I apologize for the late invite but this photographer has been busy traveling the world.

Jorge Atramiz will be presenting:

A Journey through the invisible element with photographer and paraglider Jorge Atramiz.

A unique view of our planet and a lifestyle called free flying through the images and the adventures of aerial photographer and world traveler, Jorge Atramiz. Don't miss this spectacular feast for the eyes and adrenaline rush for the senses!

For the past 17 years Jorge Atramiz has spent more time in the air than in any other element. As a professional paraglider pilot, he has traveled around the globe to collaborate on free-flying adventures films and photograph the sport in some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Date: June 03, 2017 (this coming Saturday)

Time: Potluck and Social at 5:30 pm  Presentation at 7:00 pm

Where: Waimanalo Hiking Trail and Mountain Club House ( we have had meetings here )

             41-023 Puuone Street,  Waimanalo HI

Bring: Potluck dish to share (just like our meetings)

Fee: $3 to HTM for all guests and non HTM members


This will be a great time for all of to support Jorge and be awed by his works both locally and from around the world. He has been published in Cross Country Magazine and several other publications. Recently he has an ongoing segment with USA today.  I am sure there are numerous more credits that he has not even revealed to us yet.

Again, sorry for the short notice but this will be worth cancelling or rescheduling all other plans.

See you all this Saturday. The RSVP link did not seem to work for me just put your names in the comment section of this article and I will make sure it gets forwarded.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, I'm Hunting Wabbits!

Makapuu was in stellar form yesterday. Elmer did shoot down any chances of a 'vewy wong twip' north but he did get to circle a wabbit and took a couple of shots!!!!!!!! Friday morning routine was the same, get up make coffee, laundry and house hold chores. Got a call from Reaper. I told him, I had been sick for weeks. He said,"Bull$h!], you have been flying, I saw the video." I ran to the computer, a flight filmed, edited and scored by Alex which should be up for an Oscar. I just had to get this plug in, because his subject is so darn good looking ... and the mountains ain't bad either.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Rat Race 2017 Final Finale

Aloha Rat Racers! I just received word that this year, the 15th Annual Rat Race is the finale of the best paragliding competition, clinic, and party the world has ever seen. This year is my 14th year of hucking and plucking hundreds and maybe even thousands of pilots at Woodrat Mountain, Oregon. Many Hawaii pilots have flown, raced, trained, and had the time of their lives during past Rat Races. Mike and Gail Haley are moving closer to their kids in Portland and have decided this is the last year to run the Rat Race at their amazing property in Ruch, OR.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kahana and Makapuu Closed Re-opened!

Update: Kahana certificate received 3/1/2017. Thanks to USHPA and RRG for the quick turnaround!

Update: Makapuu certificate received 3/6/2017. Thanks to HHA for all their work!

USHPA has just informed us that site insurance renewals are backlogged, and any renewals that weren't submitted early will be delayed 1-2 weeks. Both the paragliding and hang gliding clubs submitted our renewals in the last couple weeks so we are definitely expecting a delay. The current insurance policy runs out tomorrow for both Kahana and Makapuu. We will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime it looks like south winds for a week so maybe that will be enough time to get the insurance back into place!