Sunday, March 15, 2020

POSTPONED!!! Coro-NO-virus update (PARTY!!!!!) POSTPONED

I am sorry but the party is being postponed so we can follow the health guidelines regarding gatherings. As soon as we have a date we will post here. We didn't want anyone to miss the party or to risk getting sick, so stay safe and fly high(er) toto stay away from the virus Due to concerns regarding a virus outbreak, I decided to have two parties to celebrate my birthday. The second party, entitled “I survived the Coronavirus” will have a TBD date so I recommend all attend the first one, which will take place on Sunday, march 22nd 2020 starting at 2PM in Kailua ( 425-C Maluniu ave Short code: C724+Q2 Map ) Please park on the street. Because of the mask shortage, we will use our party hat (conical “happy birthday” kids hat) over our faces or you might BYOM (bring your own MASK). Serum served will be from a tap on 2 Kona Brewing flavors: Gold Cliff (pineapple IPA) and Big Wave (Blonde). For your protection, the recommended dosage is: lots of it. I am sure we will all survive this ordeal but the only guarantee is lots of fun with friends, so don’t miss out!

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Amazing: Thailand 2020

As I write this, I’m nursing a lower back injury, a weeping scab on a fresh divot in my scalp, a nagging sniffle and cough, and a sore ankle. I’m a mess! But it hasn’t kept me from flying. I’m not dead yet, am I?? I’ve been home from a truly amazing flying tour in Thailand for two weeks, and despite my lingering ailments, I’ve been flying so much here at home since I got back, it’s taken me this long to massage the hours of video I shot there into shape and write a story to go with it. Yes, it has a happy ending!

Monday, January 20, 2020

A Memorial to the Fallen Honolulu Police Officers

For a very long time in the history of hang gliding and paragliding in Hawaii, we have had a very special relationship with first responders, be they police officers, fire department officers, DLNR staff, lifeguards, or others. They have all come to our aid when we've needed them; they have all responded to our emergencies when we needed them. Every morning, first responders here in Hawaii get up, shower, get dressed in their uniforms, have breakfast with their families, and kiss them goodbye as they are headed off do a typical day's work. They never say: today will be my last. Nope, they just go. They meet their fellow officers, drink coffee, hang out and talk about the weekend, the kids, the families, the crazy jokes, etc.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Humpback Holiday!

I felt a new article was needed to push down these stale old posts and clear the slate for a new year of flying. Maui Doug and I were flying today, it was clear light with lots of lift. Hoards of the people were up at the Lighthouse lookout to see the whales. But, I realized the I had only seen a single whale since the humpback whale season began in October. Doug reported seeing only a single pair and he spends most every day in the air at Makapuu. I know Alex reported seeing them, but not sure of the numbers. Usually by January we are fully into whale season.

From my elevated perch over the lighthouse, I could take in a huge swath of ocean from the Mokes to Hanauma Bay, not a whale in sight, a manta ray but no whales. Finally, way off to the south far outside of Sandy Beach, one pair appeared. At least that was something, but pretty sad for the normal peak of whale season. I know the ocean has been unusually warm this year, maybe the Artic Ocean,where they summer, is warm as well. I did talk to a UH meteorologist, who told me that over the last decades our tradewinds have been trending to the east. Hopefully we will start seeing more whales and get some classic winter flying days soon.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Meeting, Election, Party! Friday, December 6, 6 PM

Update: Date changed to December 6!

President Fireman Dave has set the date for our last official club event of the year. Pete has graciously agreed to host at his house. This is our annual membership and election meeting, so please bring your $20 dues and let's see who we can convince to run this club next year. Also please bring a potluck dish or something for the barbecue and your favorite beverage. We can coordinate what people plan to bring in the comments below.

Also there are a lot of visiting pilots on the island right now. All are invited to join us! We are lucky to count among our visitors the X-Alps 2013 5th place finisher from the Dolomites, Peter Gebhard, and his fiancee/supporter Heidi Insam and their kids. Maybe we can beg them to present an X-Alps story or two if there's interest.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

HPA meeting 9/21 7pm at Club Gravity

Saturday September 21 at 7pm is our next club meeting at Reaper’s house at 660 Palawiki in Kailua. The usual: drinks, food, tall tales and laughs. Reaper has spent his summer collecting stories of adventure. Bring something (animal, mineral or vegetable), someone ( man or beast) or just bring yourself. See you there!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Box of Jewels

Where does the desire to fly big mountains come from? I thought a lot about this as I planned for several years to fly some of the largest of the Alps. While the Écrins mountains of the southern alps are less in height than a few well-known Alps to the north—Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa—they are the largest cluster of high peaks in the Alps. 21 peaks rise at least 3500 meters (11,500 ft) in an area about half that of Oahu. The word Écrins means a box in which you store precious jewels, and the mountains in that cluster both form the geological box and are the bijoux within. Their glaciated and sharp summits, and their plunging deep valleys from which they rise nearly two vertical miles, drew me to them from my first glance twenty years ago. They also are a sanctuary for compelling high-mountain wildlife I have wanted to encounter, including the giant Gypaète Barbu, the beautiful and endangered bone-marrow eating vultures known to knock chamois off their cliffside perches to make bones available when they find none lying about for the taking.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Celebration of Justin - Hawaiian Style ☀️🤙

Celebrating the life, the love, the passion and the true aloha of Justin Boer. ☀️🤙

We will be gathering at Baby Makapu'u/Cockroach Bay - using water, land and sky in celebration- all water crafts & all flight crafts are welcome.

AccessSurf, an organization that has been inspirational in Justin's life, will provide mats making the ocean accessible to all abilities. Bring your own water craft, though feel free to send a message if you'd like to paddle out and are in need of a one. 🏄‍♂️🚣‍♀️

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Chelan 2019: Ultimate Frisbee

We just finished up with the US Paragliding Nationals in Chelan. Alex, JK, Jorge, Reaper and I. We had five very different tasks, in different directions. Below are a few of the things I remember.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Alex Made Me Do It!

Not sure when I have had a moment on a Saturday to do nothing, but yesterday was it, and nothing didn't last long! Reece found some furniture and asked me to go get it, somewhere on Punaluu Valley Road. Hmmmm, I know where that is; we know someone who lives there! I said I would go right away. As she got ready for work, I made a call to Alex: will it be flyable in 45 minutes? And of course the Pied Piper said yes. So here is a brief writeup of the day. Please excuse all the poor grammar and spelling mistakes in this sophomoric story!