Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Visiting Pilots

These contacts are available to help visiting pilots get into the air with our local group here. Please call any of the local pilots listed below on any day that you're interested in flying, to get an idea of weather conditions and who might be flying. USHPA membership, a P3 (Intermediate) rating, and a signed club waiver are required to fly at our Oahu sites. Thanks for your cooperation. See the site guide for brief descriptions and photos of our sites.

Alex Colby (President)(808)223-0144
John Mallard (Director)(808)255-6766
Pete Michelmore (Instructor)(808)753-1027
Dave Taratko (Vice President)(808)382-0568
Thom Therrien (Treasurer)(808)864-3892

Contacts for pilots visiting Neighbor Islands
MauiDexter Clearwater (Instructor)(808)874-5433
Tim Lynch(808)264-8816
Big IslandCharlie Crocker(808)938-9825
Greg Christopher(808)895-4876
Scott Gee (Instructor)(808)854-1994
KauaiJoe Caulfield(808)482-0786