Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Emergency Lahaina Maui Fire Fund

 Jeff and Patricia Hedlund lost everything in the Lahaina, Maui fire last night. They have each other and the clothes on their backs. They're safe. They lost all their clothes, personal belongings, cash, surfboards, furniture, and paragliders.They are staying with friends at the moment.

Their condo burned to the ground and they cannot get in there to search the ruins.
They need everything from toothbrushes, clothes, furniture and a place to stay.
They like everyone else lost their homes and jobs. It's total devastation.
Let's all pitch in an get these two amazing people back on their feet.
We love you guys
This is Pete 'Reaper' Michelmore on another rescue mission, and ALL the funds raised will go straight to Jeff and Patricia directly... 
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