Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Paragliding Library

If you'd like to borrow an item from our library, make it available to others or donate an item, please contact Ray by e-mail or at (808)779-9013. Whoever currently has an item is listed in parentheses after each item in the list below. If you pass an item directly to another borrower, please let Ray know so he can update this list. Thanks!

Regarding magazines, please save them for the clubhouse, someday :) - unless they're in digital format (DVD or CD-ROM).

Books - instructional


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DVD - Instructional



VHS - instructional


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sandy said...

I can lend to others:
Book - Instructional: Performance Flying by Dennis Pagen

The Perfect Mountain (2002)
review: Shows flying in Austria, Germany, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. The narration is marginally informative, yet somewhat annoying. **

Rat Race 2006 (2006)
review: The video made by the Haley's daughter has a nice interview with the Haley's, a recording of Bruce Goldsmith's talk, and some scenes from the flying activities. ***

Alex, I would like to borrow your Speed to Fly VHS someday.

Brazilian Ray said...

Thanks sandy! updated!

if anybody else wants to make it available, please post here or e-mail me at raimar2000@gmail.com