Thursday, January 12, 2006

Does anyone need a GPS!?!

Dakine Garmin 76S in new condition. Looks new, works new. I have the box and all the documentation and computer cable (everything).

I don't think you can buy this cheaper than $300 plus shipping.

asking $200.00

buy me now

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JeffMc said...

Jeff - Maybe one of Reaper's students, Randy or Chris, may be interested. If I wasn't such a stubborn bastard, I'd buy it off ya - it's a helluva price! But I'm holding out for the 76CS (color, more memory, slightly longer batter life, but otherwise identical - AND twice the price, I know).

I hate to let a bargain like this pass me by, but alas I'm a sucker for shiny, colorful things. Plus, I'd have no use for it for at least a few weeks :(