Thursday, February 09, 2006

Aloha Friday - let's go partygliding!

Let's make the beginning of the weekend a paragliding event!

The forecast is looking good and we can use the full moon to hang out longer at the LZ, so why not bring your favorite aloha shirt and wing to work and go straight to a flying site right after pau work! I’ll have the grill handy, so have some cash to tip in for dinner (guests, family members, co-workers, cats and dogs are welcome).

To check on the sun and moon visit
Also, bring a flashlight, glow-stick, candle, tiki-torch or even a match to join the party! Any suggestions? Feel free to give me a call (779-9013) or post it here.

See you there (wherever it may be. Hopefully at Makapuu, but it could be at Kahana. We will post it here)


Alex said...

Yay! That sounds like a good plan Ray. I always go paragliding after work anyway but this time I just need to remember that Aloha shirt. Wait, what's the shirt for? I'm a little fuzzy on that part. Are we going to be like, dancing or something? What kind of party are we talking about?

Anonymous said...

You gotta have an Aloha shirt on Aloha Friday. I'm liking the glow stick idea. I've got a bunch of green ones and would be happy to trade a couple for some red ones if anyone has any. Otherwise I guess I'll head to the fishing store. Also, thanks to the Dangler, our butts will be iluminated for any evening activities. (Wait a minute, somehow that doesn't sound right.) Ah well, who could pass up flying and BBQing w/ your friends. Thanks for putting this together Citizen Ray. Just remember Ray you and I have to work this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I got tiki torches, glow sticks, and strobe light.


Anonymous said...

Illuminated butts? Illuminated BUTTS???? What kind of party IS this really?