Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mishap at Makapuu

A bunch of us had really great flights at Makapuu today, and one of us had a very bad flight. Pete, Don, Fireman, Gangster Ray, Yasser (Canada/Bulgaria), Gerardo (Argentina), Jetflap, and Doug flew for hours in great north conditions. Some of us flew to Greenwalls and Yasser flew to Kaneohe. Then Ben (HK) bombed out from Crazy Man and bounced off a rock into the surf, cracking his pelvis. He spent the evening at Castle but he is on his way back to his house tonight. Let's wish him a speedy recovery. And let's try to be more careful out there, especially with our visitors!


sandy said...

Sooooo soooo sorry to hear about this, Ben. I hope the pain killers are doing their job and everything heals well.

Brazilian Ray said...

good luck and fast recovery for you. aloha