Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Quentin's Fire Sale

Yo, Ray just came up with a list of gear he's getting rid of on Ebay.

Here it is:

GPS Garmin Vista

4020 Flytec Vario

Speed bar generic

Spreaders UP

Speed bar new

Paragliding Flight Suit (very used)

Charlie helmet XL? (used)

Pro Design Jam harness XL (very used)

Pro Design Jam harness XL (very used)

UP Sherpa Tandem Color Red Black (New)

Airwave Sport I Blue / white L (used)

Airwave Magic L red / white (used)

Logic L red / white (used)

Call Ray for more info.


Suicide said...

which Ray?

Brazilian Ray said...

it aint me!
Brazilian Ray

But I do can sell an vertigi harness L with 2 reserves cheap!

Alex said...

I think it must be Ray Van Cleave. But it cracks me up that we have to go through E-Bay and Ray and Pete before we get to the actual seller. That's a lot of middlemen!

Suicide said...

it is a lot of middlemen . . . and only a 40% increase each man . . . :)

Anonymous said...

Alex can you ask Pete to ask Q to ask Ray how much is the flightsuit?

Anonymous said...

Just ask Q or Seattle Ray?

Don't shoot the messenger...