Friday, March 03, 2006

A River Runs Through It

I woke up yesterday to find my neighborhood stream was overflowing its banks and rising to fill my street and surround my house. The highway was closed in multiple places and Dorothy and the kids couldn't get to school in town. Some of my neighbors had been digging sand all morning to open the stream to the ocean, and they got through just as the water was reaching the first step of my front porch. I took a picture just before the highest level was reached.

After the water on my street had receded, I braved the flooded highway to drive by Kahana later in the day, and there I saw that the center of the beach had been opened up to let the floodwaters out of the valley just like it was four years ago (as some of you will remember).

Today I went back to take some pictures to share with you guys. It's still possible to land here but the approach will be quite a bit trickier. You don't want to overshoot, or if you do, you should overshoot by a lot. Last time it took about six months before the ocean returned enough sand for us to use our customary landing zone again. Maybe this is a good chance for us all to make more frequent cross country trips, so we can enjoy some larger (and drier) landing zones!

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paliglydr said...

Thanks for the photos, Alex. As you say, it looks like landings will be a bit more challenging in the forseeable future at Kahana.