Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hawaii Goes to the Rat Race

The flying monkeys have started their adventure. Sandy and Suicide are on the mainland, and Brazilian Ray is already in Medford, with Bob joining him today. Reaper and Motorhead are hooking up tomorrow. Dangler and Jetflap are heading out on Thursday, and I will be the last to leave Hawaii on Friday night, along with Don if he hasn't already gone over. Troy will be joining us from Bend on Sunday. For those interested in following along, there are two web sites that you can use to find out how we're doing:

Official Rat Race Competition Web Site
Sandy's Rat Race Blog Site
Dave Hanning's Blog Site
Photos by Hawaii Pilots in Oregon
Jim Macklow's Comp Results and Tracklogs

As we find out about other good Rat Race web sites we'll add them to this list. Wish us luck!


Alex said...

First report from Ray, after seeing some guys fly some sledders in drizzly overcast conditions: there are trees EVERYWHERE, and they're really, REALLY tall.

First report from Bob, in the evening as the temperature was dropping into the 50s: bring extra fleeces and a raincoat!

Alex said...

I talked to Bob today and got the Rat Report. The guys are flying: Ray and Paul got good long thermal flights, and Reaper and Suicide went tandem but it was a short one, straight to the LZ in ears for some reason, and they got dragged around a bit afterwards. Bob says it's a lot windier than they expected for an inland mountain thermal site. Bob is not flying yet - he doesn't want to push things with his foot. But he was on his way to pick up a wide variety of adult beverages for the guys. Sounds like they'll all be good and pickled by the time Don and I get there on Saturday morning.