Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I need a Vario

I need to buy or borrow a vario for the upcoming Rat Race. If anyone has anything please let me know.



Alex said...


My old vario (a Brauniger IQ Basis II) recently died because I left some dead batteries in it too long and they got all corroded.

So I just bought a used one for $200 from a guy on the internet, the same model as my old one. He's going to be at the Rat Race too, funny enough. The one I just got is kind of beat up and has a crack in the face, but it works fine.

But I happened to try out my old one yesterday and to my surprise it is working again, so I don't need the one I just got. I'll sell it to you for $150 (which I think is a fairer price now that I've seen it) if you want it. Or if you want to just borrow it that's fine too. Let me know.

firedave said...

You can borrow mine Jeff, I will be out of town then and I have a little Solario on my tandem if you would like that. DAVE

Jetflap said...

Thanks to all the offers of loaning me your varios. I really appreciate it. I finally ended up ordering a Flytec Sonic, audio only vario for my helmet. With my GPS i think i should be good to go.

thanks again