Friday, June 30, 2006

Tandem Clinic

David Jebb will be coming to Oahu to conduct a Tandem Instructor clinic on July 14, 15 and 16. David is one of our USHPA Regional Directors, and he is also the Flight Director at Torrey Pines Gliderport. For more information on the clinic please contact David at


Gravity said...

I just got off the phone with Dave Jebb.

It seems he unwitingly passed my paperwork to USHPA for tandem Administrator, and it passed without going thru the Tandem Commitee process.

So he explained to me that in order to get the (3) T-1 pilots signed off he wil be coming over on July the 14th. Now I mentioned to him that ALL T-1 thru T-3's should attend this clinic while he is here to further gain knowledge and experiance from Dave.

I will be attending as well.

Part of the requirement for Tandem Administrator is that you have to attend at least (2) Tandem clinics and help out with at least one of those tandem clinics. Which I have already done...

I am also asking for anyone that feels in their heart that they think I would be a good Tandem Administrtor to write a letter of recommendation for me to send in with my application for Tandem Administrator to the Board.

I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to be a Tandem Administrator for region 3, and mostly for Hawaii as there is defintely a need here in Hawaii. I would be willing to travel to the other islands as well to administrate Tandem clinics.

You will need a T-1 to attend plus CPR and 1st Aid cards... Don't forget your tandem equipment as well. It is required.

Hope to see you all there?


Brazilian Ray said...

This is a good opportunity to ask pilots from other islands about the interest and need of having a Tandem instructor administrator in Hawaii. I think it’s important and it would be great to have a local pilot in that position. So, my question is: how many pilots would like to get a T-3 rating? I do! Would you rather go to the mainland or learn form a local pilot?