Monday, July 17, 2006

Tandem and Solo for Sale

As you may already know, I am going to Brazil for a little while, a few months I would say. I have for sale my gliders:

- 2005 Gin Beetle tandem (41m, Red and white) + Sol Tandem Split leg harness + Sol Basic Passenger Harness + Sol Tandem Reserve + Helmets = US$1700.00

- 2002 Advance Sigma 5 Medium (27m, yellow and black) = 500.00

I am selling because I don't want to pay shipping costs and taxes to "import" stuff into my country. (I guess my country is not so into brazilians, aha)

If interested, call 2348991 or email



ps: coming to Brazil? why not? Stop at my place for sure, any of you guys and girls. Free place to stay, flying sites everywhere, and all the other typical brazilian stuff....I live in Vitoria-ES, and Castelo where PWC was held in february, is 1.5 hours away + a few other sites where we fly into the clouds 30 minutes, typical cloud base is 5500-6000. Valadares is also 3.5 hours away...and that place is just rock n' roll!

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firedave said...

Hey Leo,
I am sorry to hear you are leaving Hawaii for now. I mean it is good for you but will make our flying here a bit less colorful for sure.
I just returned from Portugal, Spain and Morocco but am looking forward to getting together before you leave. DAVE