Thursday, September 14, 2006

Flying the T.

Remember I used to have a blue/white glider with a Black leading edge? We will just refer to it as the T.

If you see me in the sky in the near future you will see the old colors back. Yes I am flying the T. again. To spice things up I have added some numbers to the bottom. It will be up to you to figure out what they mean.

Had my first flight in her yesterday, somewhat E conditions out of Crazy's. Must say she flys beautifully, probably better than before. Stable, but responsive, and fast as a rocket.

So when you seen those colors again, its just me. The Sigma 5 will get a rest for the moment.



Alex said...

Cool, Jeff! I had to think hard to remember what the T stands for. But I can't wait until I get back to read the numbers - can you tell me what the numbers are here so I can start guessing? She flies better than before? Is it faster than your Sigma 5? Sheez, I'm going to send all my gliders to Mitch now.

Alex said...

Or just take a picture and post it here with the article!

Nick said...

Is it your prisoner number! 24601!

sandy said...

Do you feel persecuted Jeff? We, your paragliding brethran, will stand beside you!

from Wikipedia:"24601 is the prison code of the character Jean Valjean in the novel/musical Les Misérables. In homage, or perhaps as a recurring in-joke in the performing arts, the number has frequently been used in other works of fiction. The number often identifies one who is persecuted."

And then yet another potentially telling web quote from the UrbanDictionary:
"Used by buffoons on the internet to imply they have a modicum of class and civility, when really they can't tie their shoes without drooling all over themselves. "
Has anyone watched Jeff tie his shoes recently?

A comp wing?!?!?! Are you planning on chasing down Alex?

Beautiful glider Jeff. I can't wait to see it in the air. Stay away from trees.

Nick said...

Ouch Sandy! I think I'll go land in a tree and join my friends! :)

sandy said...

Sorry guys, I didn't really mean to be a spoiler, but I figured half the crowd here really would just want to know, but not bother looking it up -- and then when I saw that one quote, I was ROFL, and had to pass it along. I know Jeff can take it. I look forward to hearing about which literary or other reference(s) inspired him.

Want a tree Nick? Try Koko, in my experience the kiawe with its spikey thorns makes an excellent snaggler. Although not as exciting as the tall ironwoods of Kahana. My preference there is the forgiving Umbrella tree. But I'm a wimpy girl, so your tree ambitions may differ.