Friday, September 29, 2006

Scratching my way to Hauula

High cloudbase today filled many of us with grand ambitions, but after driving out to Makapuu and finding it stronger than we preferred for an XC trip, a handful of us made the call to try Kahana instead. It was super light there though, and required commitment and concentration to get high.

As we were struggling to launch and get up at Kahana, Doug and Dave had caught the express train from Makapuu and were hanging out at the lowering cloudbase over Waikane, debating the jump across boogaland. Dave accidentally landed in the back of Waikane, and then Doug flew back to Makapuu. After the other Kahana pilots had thrown in the towel and hit the beach, I finally made it up and away downrange. Although I struggled to find much lift on the next few ridges, I was happy to make it as far as the beach park in Hauula. Thanks to Scot for the retrieve!


firedave said...

That is one of the finest Brochen Spectres I have ever seen, I think you should send it in to XC mag.

I managed to get low in the back of Waikane so I landed out. I landed in a great little spot on Waikane Flats, which is what the local guys called the flat topped hills. I walked out to the coconut stand and the guy there dug into his personal cooler for a Gatorade and a beer, really cool. I bought some bananas and avos and Don stopped by for a ride back to Makapuu.

There is always a little adventure in landing out, but we are usually too busy to enjoy it.

firedave said...

Ray and I couldn't believe it when everybody drove away from excellent flying conditions at Makapuu for Kahana. That is what you get for listening to MD.