Monday, October 23, 2006

Please join us on Sunday to remember Johan

Update: Change of Time and Venue (last one, we promise!)

Please join us for a gathering of Johan's family, friends and fellow pilots, this coming Sunday, October 29, at 4 pm. Since we're anticipating a big group, we've reserved the Atherton meeting hall at the Kokokahi YWCA in Kaneohe for our pot-luck barbecue. This will be a chance for everyone to meet Johan's mom and brother and sister, who will be arriving from Sweden this week.

Johan's mom would like to meet us all, and hear some stories about Johan, in an informal and festive setting where we can all celebrate our memories of him in a positive way. Anyone who wants to share a story or say a few words is encouraged to consider doing so.

Peter will be making a Costco run to buy meat for the barbecue (steak, sausages, fish), but please get in touch with Don at 561-5363 to coordinate other food to bring (veggies, rice, bread, salad, pupus, etc).

We'll be posting updates here as we get further along. Thanks for your patience with our changing plans.


Gravity said...

If we get stuck for a place Alex, we could rent a pavillon at Kailua beach park, or the Koo'alu(?) house at the YWCA. The upstairs room. It even has a kitchen.

Let me know. I can make the arrangements. I also have a Big BBQ.


Alex said...

Thanks to everyone for their offers and ideas regarding a place to meet on Sunday - a lot of people have expressed interest in coming out so we've now reserved the meeting space at the YWCA in Kaneohe - it holds up to 200 people, has a kitchen, and parking, and we can bring our barbecues, and it's on the bayfront where Johan kept his sailboat.

Call me or Peter (389-7383) if you have questions about the arrangements. Peter is buying enough meat for a crowd, but Don will be in charge of coordinating the rest of the food - please contact him at 561-5363 to let him know what you want to bring, and he can post updates here if necessary. We will need some people to bring grills - let us know if you have one you can bring.

I hope to see everyone there.


Gravity said...

I have the combonations to the Atherton Lodge (upstairs on the right at YWCA) they are as follows:

Main Hall 04-21-05
Kitchen 2010
Bath lock box 1845

Just in case something happens to me (god forbid) and I'm late..?

We have the place from 4:00 to 10:00 pm. They don't mind that we setup early?

Also, I will put Johan's sailboat in the water and maybe if everyone brings a kayak or? and some Lei's, we can paddle out and drop them in the water; that Johan loved so much to sail on.


Nick said...

Since I'm currently on the mainland, I can't attend Johan's gathering tomorrow. I really wish I could be there to meet his family and offer whatever support I can. My thoughts are with Johan, his family and HPA.


Gravity said...

Damn Don,
I'll just bring my appetite...and my BBQ.


Alex said...

Pete says he's bringing his BBQ, and I've got a small Weber I can bring, but I think we'll need a couple more - if anyone can bring a large grill, please let us know.