Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Toasting the tradewinds

A fleeting glimpse of moderate tradewinds today saw Frank and Scrappy sucking down some sky over the east end of the island, while Don, McStalker, One Eye, Dick and I sipped a cloudy brew at Kahana. Cloudbase started around 2 grand when we launched around 4 pm but sank as low as 1700 feet by the time we landed two hours later. The wind was light at Kahana and required some good close scratching, as McStalker and One Eye can tell you.


JeffMc said...

Thanks Alex & Don - it's always educational to fly with you guys. I hope to imbibe of the ether with you again real soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to read your flight reports Alex.
And that pic of Don with the long palm tree shadow is great!
See you in January...