Monday, February 19, 2007

2007 1st Quarterly Meeting Photos

Now that I have written one article, I find it fiendishly easy to write more. It remains to be seen if this is a good thing or bad thing for this audience.

The quarterly meeting was a fun affair, the after hours portion was even more fun. I'm really happy and surprised that no one was hurt whilst mixing the deadly cocktail of skateboards and booze. Next time we should up the ante by bringing dirt bikes... w/rocket assist.

My little camera was quickly overwhelmed with our silliness, 512MB just doesn't get very far. Here are the photos that I managed to capture:

For those of you that were digging the F-22 photos, I finally splurged and upgraded to the Flickr pro account. There are more pictures and at higher resolution (I have 4992x3228 res, but flickr won't go that high?!?) :

Here are the links to the videos that I took. Full service here. Youtube for streaming video. Mediafire for downloading. The Mediafire videos (raw data) are much better quality than the youtube streaming crapola.

Scott going round n round:

Jiah going round n round:

Sandy armed with a strap:

Reaper twirl:

Scrappy round and round part 1:

Russ and Sandy battle it out:

Jim the blowfish:

Bill near escape velocity:

Scrappy high voltage:

Sandy, Scrappy and the dog:

Alex plus beer plus skateboard equals:

Bob unravels Alex:

Keep this dog away from traffic:

Don showing skateboard skillz:


Enjoy the pics/videos



Alex said...

Nick, I didn't realize you were documenting all of our silly antics so thoroughly. I was cracking up watching these just now. But now my head is spinning again, I'm not sure why...

sandy said...

Great pics and vids, Nick. Nothing wrong with a fun article to help pass the windy days! Cool motion shot of Scrappy. Thanks for the memories.