Monday, February 26, 2007

Flying Circus

After suffering through last weekend's inclement weather and then an interminable week of howling tradewinds, nearly twenty air-deprived pilots slaked their thirst for airtime and good company this weekend in wet and windy conditions at Kahana.

Pilots of every persuasion showcased their specialties: we saw launch draggers, bar stompers, storm shooters, cloud surfers, squall dodgers, gale danglers, beach-bound sinkers, synchronized top landers, tandem tree landers, and even a soaking wet wing spinner. The post-flying celebrations on both days extended long into the evening at some of Kaneohe's finest dining establishments.

Thanks to all the folks who braved the gloomy forecast and helped make this such a fun weekend: Ken, the Earls of Kahana (McStalker and One Eye), Submarine Steve, Don, Quentin, Sandy, Brazilian Ray, Russell, Christine, Bill, Bob, Raygan, Jiah, Pete, Quentin, Fireman, Scrappy. Not to mention several hardy souls willing to serve as tandem ballast.

I also heard there was some Makapuu flying this weekend - let's hear the reports!


Bob said...

Dang Alex, it sure is nice to have a prolific documentarian. I love the range of catagories of flyers.

Bob aka: beach-bound sinker

sandy said...

So, will BB-Bob be buying a new wing in prep for the Rat Race? The beach may have friends and beer, but the cow-field can be a dry, lonely place (I know, I landed there last year).

Good fun Alex. I've been trying to figure out where I fit in. I wasn't much of a squall-dodger -- if it were a game of dodge-ball, I would've been out with the first hit. Fortunately, paragliding is a more sporting game. I was definitely soaking wet, but didn't do much spinning as I was afraid to push the wet envelope. Maybe I was a bar stomper .... It was all worth it for the Guinness and good friendship at the end.

Unknown said...

Concur with Bob Alex you're the consumate penman. I'd write an article maybe if I had gotten a good pic of the mysterious message on the beach yesterday. A circus indeed.

Alex said...

Jim, that message wasn't meant to be mysterious - I kept waiting for you guys to mention it - I assumed you saw me writing it before I had to leave.

Hawaii pilots were once branded as a bunch of white monkeys by one of our visitors, and ever since then we've worn the primate label with pride!