Saturday, May 26, 2007

Meeting and Party on Saturday, May 26th at 6 pm

All local pilots and friends are invited to join us for our second quarterly meeting and party on Saturday, May 26 at 6 pm, at Bob's former shop in Halawa. Please bring liquid refreshments or pupus to share and a small donation to defray BBQ expenses, thanks. And please pass the word around at the LZ in case some of the newer pilots aren't on the e-mail list yet. See you all there!

We expect that this will really be our last chance to get together at our favorite Extreme Office Chair Rink - after this we're looking for a new venue. So far we have our eyes on the HTMC clubhouse on the beach in Waimanalo, thanks to Rich's connections there.

Update: the Rat Race shirts are printed, and I will be bringing them to the party! We made 75 shirts at a final cost per shirt of $11. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis, to anyone with cash or a check, as many as you want. I know some people are thinking of buying several, so if you can't make the meeting, please get your orders in to me right away, so I know to save you some.


We'll post the meeting agenda here as soon as it's finalized. Please contact us with any last minute ideas or suggestions.


Christine said...

Great day for a party. It's my birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Would it be too much trouble to hold a "Radio fix" For those going to Rat-Race? or even other interested travelling pilots who need to hook-up with USHPA frequency.
We could start a little early so as not to interfere with procedings. Anyone else interested?
Of course we DO need approval from Bob, who hasnt replied to my phone message yet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christine. Party is gonna get interesting now!

Radio 'fix' would be easy. I'll bring my tools.

I would like to bring up the Kahana LZ tree issue. Now that we have our permit renewed we should be able to open a discussion with DLNR about removing the dangerous leaning and/or dead tree's..?


Gravity said...

Hopefully Stephanie will attend. I talked to her today and she said she would try.

Also, she decided to sell all of Jimmy's gear to raise funds. So I was thinking of having a silent auction in Jimmy's benefit.

Break out those check books boy's & girls...

Jimmy had all new gear!


Nick said...

Once again I can bring the plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, chopsticks (enough to a competing "stairway to heaven"), paper towels and a few bags of chips. The only catch is that I might be as late as 30 minutes to the meeting so we may need a small stash of the above before the re-enforcements arrive... I have to work till 6pm, but will hurry!

Nick said...
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Gravity said...

Here's the list of Jimmy's gear:


Skyline Vertigo Size XL $500 – with reserve $700


Ozone 6905 Acro wing. Great condition, low hours. It got wet 1 time in fresh water. Definitely a lot of life in it still. Worth about $1500 max.

Ozone Vulcan S, used – 100+ hours worth around $500, max.

Paratech Tandem Wing. Not sure which wing this is. Stef thought it was bought around 2001 or 2002. $1800?

Also, Chris Langan says he has an Ozone Medium Addict DHV2 Demo in stock, and a med./sm. Buzz 2 Dhv 1-2 Demo coming soon. Ozone Mojo Large DHV 1 demo.

See ya tonight,