Sunday, June 03, 2007

Makapuu Landing Zone

I've just had a discussion with Dave Goto, and we've agreed that the Makapuu landing zone is not an appropriate place for paramotor pilots to take off or land. Powered ultralights are permitted to launch and land at Sandy Beach Park, but not at Makapuu. (In more north or northwesterly conditions our powered friends have found that Dillingham Airfield is another good option).

The Makapuu landing zone has only ever been permitted to the Hang Gliding Association, and they have graciously shared it with members of our club over the years. We appreciate what it took for them to secure that area for unpowered flying many years ago, and to keep it available to us. They currently have to renew a permit with the city and county for the landing zone every month.

Please pass the word to our powered friends when you see them. Thanks for your understanding.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing this topic Alex. I whole heartedly agree and will do my part to inform our friends.


Anonymous said...

As a powered paraglider pilot, I agree that the Makapuu LZ is inappropriate for powered landings and takeoffs. Other, better options are available.

Makapuu is "the" premiere world class free flight site, and should be preserved for that purpose.

As for Kens landing mishap yesterday, I believe the cause was inexperience, not powered or unpowered flight.

All pilots need to do everything we can to preserve our privilege of flying. We must project a positive public image and monitor ourselves to this end.

Thanks to all the Oahu guys for showing such gracious Aloha to a visting pilot.

Mahalo, Eric