Friday, August 31, 2007

HPA Air Raid, 2007 Edition

UPDATE: The Air Raid is on at Kahana tomorrow, Sunday. We will be meeting at the day camping area on the Crouching Lion side of the LZ at 9:30. We hope to get the XC task started by 11:30 (air start). See comments below for more details.

Sunday, September 2nd, is the date for the 2007 Air Raid. We will meet at Kahana Bay at 9:00 am, for what will likely be this year's don't miss flying event. Bring your chairs, coolers, tents and food; pack up the wife, kids, dogs, and don't forget your party hat and glider.

This year's event includes:

1) XC flying task: Bring your GPS for this one. We will be using waypoints and flying a set course, kind of like a mini-comp that we love/hate.
2) Spot landing
3) Max altitude
4) Kiting (time permitting)
5) Bev chug

So, miss it if you dare (sorry Reap) and you will have to hear all the stories afterward. Location and possibly date are subject to change depending on weather conditions, so check back here for updates.

Update: Alex has created waypoints for possible Kahana XC routes. The points are available as a text file and as a Google Earth file here:

Text file of waypoints
Google Earth file of waypoints


Gravity said...

Ya lucky for guys I'll be in Canada, I had the beverage chug in the bag.

Don't forget the flour bag bomb drop?

Have fun be safe.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Again Dave for choosing a date when for the first time in 4 years I will be here. I wont be able to fly but at least I'm on the island.

Brazilian Ray said...

aahhh, you just ginx it! just kidding!

Rich. said...

1) I don't have a GPS
2) My landings usually SUCK.
3) This Fat Bastard seems to be HEAVY in his Wing.
4) I'll do my best @ Kiting (time permitting).
5) I've MASTERED this one!!!


firedave said...

How did Alex's house get into the list of waypoints?

I will be putting up some points from Makapuu, in the event that the Air Raid is there.

We could have a nice day for the event.

firedave said...

Don: Sober drivers wanted!

Alex said...

I racked my brains to come up with interesting turnpoints for a possible comp. Some of the points I chose will be very challenging, like the ones deep in Kahana Valley, or Laie Point, or the Turtle Bay Resort (!) - I included my own house because it is a spot that I know from experience we can fly over, (and we can land safely in the adjoining fields if we get low) but it's challenging to get back to the hill from there. Dave, with your new glider, I know you will lead the way to Turtle Bay on Sunday.

firedave said...

It is looking like Sunday will be a go at Kahana, so check here for last minute updates.

Don't worry about having all the waypoints downloaded, we will post the ones we are using at Kahana on Sunday.

Be there!

Alex said...

Just some friendly reminders before the fun starts tomorrow:

- We will try to stake out the picnic tables on the far side of the LZ (to the right of the LZ as you look out to sea) - please try to keep the parking orderly and safe - it's already going to be packed with Labor Day campers and picnickers.

- We will need to make a concerted effort to keep our landings clear of campers and other beachgoers - because of the holiday weekend it will be extremely busy and crowded with other park users, and our permit requires us to yield the beach to them. This includes landing and ground handling and folding up - it's our responsibility to find another clear area if our customary ones are already crowded.

- As all park users are aware, consumption or display of alcohol is prohibited. Let's make sure no one has any reason to think we're not model law abiding park users!

Thanks for your cooperation. We usually do a terrific job of getting along with other park users and abiding by park and permit rules, and I'm sure this fly-in will be no exception. I'm looking forward to seeing you all out there and doing some serious flying and partying.