Thursday, August 16, 2007

Meeting & Party in Waimanalo on August 18

News Flash: We have to be finished by 10:00, so if you want to maximize your socializing and recreation time at this new spot, feel free to show up as early as 5:00. The volleyball players that precede us should be done by 5:30.

Please join us for our third quarterly meeting and party at 6:00 pm on Saturday, August 18, at a brand new (to us) venue in Waimanalo. With the help of our connections in high places (thanks Rich), we have arranged to meet at the clubhouse of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club at 41-023 Puuone Street. We will provide meat for the grill and we encourage everyone to bring pupus, side dishes and beverages to share. It's possible we could land at the beach near the clubhouse if it's a good flying day. Or even if it's not. I will post updates and maybe even an agenda in this space so please check back before next Saturday. See you there!


Anonymous said...


OK . . . in addition to our usual MEATS and FISHES from the grill, Hillery and I have cooked-up a SPECIAL party favor.

In the tradition of fine HPA Kine Stuffs (e.g., hats, by Grumpy Greg or shirts, by Bob and/or Reaper, and/or Alex, etc.), we will be unveiling the coolest & newest "must have" for the members of Hawai'i's only, "Beer Drinking Club with a Paragliding Problem."

Our Goal: Make back our invested money and turn over all additional funds to the HPA treasury; thus, contributing to the individual members' over well-being while, simultaneously, increasing the HPA bank account.

You can help in this noble cause, simply by taking advantage of the opportunity to gain possession of what is sure to be a prized item in future garage sales and e-bay auctions.

Please . . . be prepared to offer-up a crisp (or old and wrinkled) twenty-dollar-bill: That's the one with the portrait of President Andrew Jackson on the front.

It is perfectly acceptable to offer-up two or even three of these bits of Andrew Jackson memorabilia.

I hope you will be as excited about them and have as much using them as we have been in creating them.


Anonymous said...

PS . . . these are NOT T-Shirts

Anonymous said...

Are visiting pilots allowed to attend? I'll be in town and would enjoy meeting some local pilots.

Richard (Warner Robins, GA)

Rich. said...

Aloha all,

As a member of The Hawaii Trail & Mountain Club (HTMC) as well as HPA. I will be the host of the HTMC facility & the one held responsible for keeping the place in reasonable order.

All HPA members, visiting pilots & their guests are welcome! Im sure a fun time will be had by all!

While touring the facility today, I noticed a few things we will need to bring: Alex has graciously offered the use of his Volleyball..., we also need Lights, Extention cords, a couple of pop-up tents (I will bring my 10x10) & of course the usual food, beverages, plates/utensils, beverages, charcoal/lighter fluid & last (but not least) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES!!!
The facility has: a beach volleyball court, picnic tables, chairs, mens/womans bathrooms, small kitchen large BBQ..., Hikers like to party too!!!

House Rules:-So as not to upset the neighbors (this is a residential area), parking will be limited to inside & just outside the fence & in front of the empty lot Makai of the property.
Everyone must sign the log book and (if not an HTMC member) pay a $2.00 visitor fee.


Anonymous said...

bob said...

Thanks very much for taking over on the location Rich. I hope everybody read your post about it being a residential area and will park with that in mind. Remember everyone, it's OK to park a bit away from the location and walk so as to not inundate the immediate neighbors with tons of cars. This is our first try at this new venue and it's not an industrial area. I've got the club popup tent and can bring chairs as well.


Anonymous said...


As usual, I will be picking-up meat at Cosco and cutting steaks.

It might be nice for everyone if we knew what folks are bringing. That way, we don't end-up with too much of one thing and not enough of (or none) of others.

If you know what you are bringing, please post a comment decribing the item.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah . . . that hill be Hillery I getting the meat.


Nick said...

I can bring the cups, plates, forks/spoons/knifes/chopsticks and paper towels. Should be fun!

Anonymous said...

Whoever is in charge, I have a 10x40 ez corner, 2 tables and chairs if needed. Let me know call Thom 864-3892

Anonymous said...

Since I have the Round Table Pizza hookup, I'll bring over a couple of large pizzas. Everyone loves pizza!

Gravity said...

I also have a 10 X 10 tent I could bring, some beach chairs, one loveable fat poodle, and a big cooler...

Rich. said...

Thanx for all contributions,

Looks like we have enough pop-ups thanx to Reaper, Bob & I. There is a 12x20 or-so covered area & downstair indoor space available so thx Thom but the ez corners wont be necessary (not as ez as pop-up).

All other stuff mentioned sounds terrific especially that Fat Poodle! My Fillipino friend said he'd taste ONO grilled Adobo style Hehe!

Thanx for the accessories Nick (often overlooked). Keep blogging your food items everyone (Well put..., Was that you Pete?)

Still need a video/projector set-up, a couple of drop lights w/extension cords, bring your games/toys & any attractive single female guests will be very welcome indeed!


Sharky said...

I know that Beer & Meat are the two primary food groups for PG pilots, but I do have a weakness for peanutbutter cakes....I'll bring a couple small pans for you guys to sample for dessert.

As long as guys are still standing to eat it... :)

Alex said...

I can bring charcoal - I have tons left over from last time. And I'm inclined to bring kimchee tako poke and peanuts for pupus.

Also I wanted to encourage people to carpool if possible, to cut down on parking.

sandy said...

I've got the Costco veggie tray.
Rich, maybe the rabbit food will draw the bunnies you requested. ;-)

Rich. said...

Cost of "Must Have" item:- $20:00
Cost of admission:-$2:00
Cost of food & beverages:-Your choice
Landing 250yds from party HQ:-PRICELESS!

I'll be bringing Terri-Beef for the grill & Broccoflour Mash for the Bunnies..., Good idea, Sandy!