Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baja Flying

Since paragliders are not certified IFR, winter flying in the Pacific NW is not always reliable. Flying in Baja Mexico, on the other hand, frequently is. Come mid winter it will be time to venture south. Having made a couple of paragliding trips down the Pacific coast, one with Motorhead Paul and Quentin, and the other with Wiebe and Quentin, we have flown LaSalina, 91clicks, the LaBufadora spine, Mt Ensenada, and San Antonio delMar.

These sites provide mixed types of flying, both ridge and thermal. During these trips we have gained some knowledge of routes, lodging, sites, and facilities. This year Jeff, Frank, Dave, and Quentin have expressed an interest in winter Baja flying. Additionally Dave’s friend Patty has indicated she may be willing to come along and retrieve.

In an effort to make this trip more easily accessible to the Oahu group it will originate from SanDiego. The drive times down the coast are relatively short. Lodging is inexpensive. And life is real easy on the Baja, we even found a Starbucks.

The trip is intended as a shared expense outing. The major expenses will be the rental of a very large 4wd, gas, and lodging. A date and duration will be set by consensus once the group is established. Six is probably the practical limit, so if you would like to join in let me know.

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Suicide said...

I am VERY interested. As soon as you have more information, I would like to be invloved.