Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy Weekend at Makapuu

What a busy weekend. On Saturday, we spent the morning installing Johan's plaque, and then we retreated to the LZ to install the new wind sock, courtesy of Dale and the hang gliding club. I got to help Dale and Mike launch (my first time as a wire man!) and then loads of pilots flew Makapuu in the late afternoon. And Bob took Logan on a tandem flight! On Sunday, we unveiled the plaque and gathered for a brief ceremony at Cactus, and later in the afternoon the Makapuu regulars took to the air once the sea breeze had filled in.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make everything happen this weekend: to Phil for casting the plaque, to Pete for the raw materials, to Bob for his installation work, to Rich for scoring us a hammer drill, and to Don for finding the spot. Thanks to Dale and the HHA for the new wind sock, to Bob for fixing the internal cage and installing the sock, and to Pete for greasing the pole. And thanks to everyone else for all the stuff you did too -- especially for showing up, which is all I managed to do. It was great to see everyone out there. If anyone else has pictures to share from this weekend, let us know, or send me a link and I'll include them here.

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Anonymous said...

Mahalo to all in getting the new sock up, and particularly Bob for his prep work.

And thanks again Alex for the help on launch. Turned out to be a great day! Dale