Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veterans Day at Makapuu

Seventeen pilots flew at Makapuu today! I met Doug for breakfast, and prevailed upon him to try the east side, even though the west side was looking epic by all accounts. Thanks for humoring me, Doug! I hope we didn't let the big one get away.

Most of us launched from Cactus, and it was light and scratchy flying all morning. Later in the day the sea breeze kicked in for some super smooth northerly flow. Doug managed two different XC flights: over the back to Koko and then on to Hawaii Kai; and after hitch-hiking back and relaunching, another one around the corner to Puu O Kona and over the back to Niu Valley.

Later on, I finally mustered some nerve (and altitude) and led visitors Peter and Laurent to an over the back landing at Sandy's, returning to launch from Manics for the evening session. Suicide Pete impressed us all with another narrow escape from the jaws of disaster. An exciting day, and a full day of flying for many of us. After six hours in the air I know my flying batteries are completely recharged!

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