Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too much XC

Can you have too much? Today at Kahana we saw one trip to Sacred Falls and back, two landings at the Punaluu beer store, three landings at Pounders, and maybe some outlandings I don't even know about, and finally one really unfortunate landing deep in the jungle behind the summit of the Koolaus. That last adventure is on hold for the evening, and will resume when there's enough light to hike or fly down. Stay tuned.


Alex said...

An update, for anyone that missed yesterday's chatterbox news: our wayward comrade survived his ordeal. He says he tried to sleep, wrapped in his wing, while strong wind and rain pelted his makeshift sleeping bag. He heard lots of pigs as they were snorting around nearby. Finally at 2 am he decided to get started under the full moon, and bushwhacked his way through dense foliage by moonlight towards the summit. There he found a tiny trail, which turned into a bigger trail (the Poamoho trail, I think.) The trail turned into a dirt road and then into an asphalt road near a fenced off military area (Schofield East Range?) before he reached Kam. Hwy in Wahiawa. After six hours of bushwhacking and hiking, he hopped on a bus to Ala Moana and transfered back to Ko Olina. Later on in the day, he caught a ride with McStalker back out to Kahana for another flight, but unfortunately they arrived too late for the good conditions, and had to settle for beer-drinking and storytelling at Uncle Bobos. Alexei says he will post the details and pictures from his adventure on his Russian forum, and I will translate it for a post here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alex. That's quite an adventure, and I'm very glad to hear he found his way out without much difficulty. Our Alexi is such a resourceful character we may have to call him SPETSNAZ Alex. Though I have to agree with Fireman that OTB Alex is starting to seem like a good nickname too. Easier to spell out as well. ;-)