Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yacht Ride: 10 am on Friday

Russian Alex would like to invite as many pilots as possible to join him for a little spin on his 70 foot boat before he has to turn it over to the owner. Friday before 4 pm is the deadline for him to use the boat - let's see if people can make a 10 am launch. He said he can probably take up to 20 people. Let me know if you are interested: comment here, or on the chatterbox, or give me a call.


Suicide said...

count me in

Anonymous said...

we went out twice yesterday, day and night and i'd suggest, if you guys can, plan it for the whole day.

it's a sweet race boat, very fast and beautiful and gets to be a real fun under the jib and main on the open water, so dawn to dusk, or even later would be best.

short cruise is fun too, but she takes quite a bit of work to get out, get going, get back and pack up ...

just a suggestion, but either way, not to be missed. also, if any other day would work for ya'll, i would love to go again, but have to work on saturday .... ;((

Anonymous said...

Count me in too! I suppose there will be wore details - Time to meet, slip no (Ko'olina?) and hw to get past the gates there....?

Anonymous said...

i just talked to KGB and he said Alex and Reaper are now talking about friday ... ??

the first gate is usually no problem, just tell them nicely you're going to meet your buddy at the Marina, if they need to know, boat's name is Trader ( they never ask though )

for the second gate, you need to call someone who's already in, to bring out the key and let you in - easy, that one is right outside of Marina

oh, and the exit from H-I West is Ko'olina ... drive thru the gate and make a right after the 3rd hotel ( Marriott ). if you see road with "road closed" sign on your right, you went one too far

so, Alex ( Colby ), is it friday now ?? early ??

Alex said...

Yes, Friday, I think mid to late afternoon will be best for most people who have any kind of job, and maybe they can get out a bit early.

Gravity said...

Lets do it Friday afternoon... say 1:00 or 1:30?

I might shoot 18 at Ko'olina in the am, then sail in the afternoon?

I have KGB Alex's number. So call me if you get lost?


Alex said...

Pete, I doubt most guys will be able to make it out that early - I was thinking later in the afternoon, like 3 or 4, so guys like Jim and Jeff and Russell might have a chance to come along. Everyone, please let us know if you think you might be able to come, and how early you can get away from work, thanks.

Gravity said...

Cool. Maybe I'll shoot 18 at Ko'olina before you guys show up...?
Any golfers out there wanna meet up in the late am(?)for a round at Ko'Olina?

Anonymous said...

Alex, while I have vague, fuzzy memories of that thing called Work and how it interferes with life, I know it always takes a long time to go out for a sail - every time I've taken my boat out, at least four hours seem to disappear and still don't know where all the time went. Of course, one can always sail when it is dark out, so if we start late as you suggest, one should plan on an evening/night cruise...

Alex said...

So far, looks like a pretty slim turnout, due to weekday work conflicts. Here is the list:

Me and Logan - Da!
Reaper - Da!
Czech Peter - Da!
Suicide Pete - Nyet.
Russell - Nyet.
Berndt - Nyet, unless we're delayed til 1 pm.
Bob - Nyet, unless we're delayed til 1 pm.

Jim, Jeff, or anyone else able to play hooky?

I wonder if we can fit in a decent boat ride between 1 pm and 4 pm.