Monday, February 11, 2008

Because . . . you have a good answer!!!

Aloha folks! Since last year I've been working on a new project called "Because..." that is finally live on the web @

"Because..." is based on a simple question: why do you fly?

I know all of you have a good answer, I have seen you guys working fast to get at least 5 minutes in the air, hiking up three times per day to get more of that, it's never enough, so I don't think it will be too hard for you to share your answer.

This contest will be on for three month. Our answer (Ozone team) to this question will be revealed in "Because…" the movie that will be downloadable on our site starting on May 15, 2008.

Guys, this is the first invitation I have done so far, I'm starting from the base camp, I'm looking forward to getting your answers. By the way, check out the trailer - the music was made here on the island by Tempo Valley (click the icon in the bottom to know more about them, they are just awesome). I really appreciate if you could share this info with your contacts, friends and anyone you think has an answer for this question.

I forgot to mention the main thing: we have a lot of good prizes to give away. Anything else you want to know, please don't hesitate to contact me:

Mahalo for your support,


Because... created by Jorge Atramiz & Herminio Cordido with the Ozone Team
Music By Tempo Valley (


Alex said...

Great work, Jorge! We missed you these last few months. You didn't miss any good weather here, that's for sure.

I hope you get a lot of good answers. I submitted one already - and I am confident that no one else will think of the same answer that I came up with.

Jorge said...

Thanks Alex,

I missed you guys as well but honestly The Andes weather was just awesome we ran into awesome conditions for the whole comp.

About the answer, awesome you sent one already, and actually that's what we are looking for: unique answers, an answer that shows your personality, 'cause I think each pilot is unique and has a unique answer.

So guys don't hesitate to send anything that cross your mind in the moment of writing your answer any answer is right! feel free to submit whatever you want to express,

see ya out there!!!

Suicide said...

I think it would be fun for everyone to share their answers with the HPA. Here's mine:

"At the moment the first semi-self-aware hominid gazed upon a bird, the Dream of Flight was born. The Dream, so powerful as to imbed itself in the creature’s DNA, forever guiding its evolution; influencing the species’ every epoch: Millions of years, countless generations, myth, legend, religion, art, and finally science.

The Dream, the foundation upon which all human achievement has been built; the reason our species exists . . . Paragliding is the Dream of Flight . . . realized.

I fly, because, I must.

I fly OZONE."

Alex said...

Pete, you need to curb your prolix tendencies for this contest! I think you might be DQ'd for exceeding the 40 word limit with your boundless enthusiasm. I can't share my reason here because it contains an explicit reference to sexual organs - really not suitable for a family forum.

firedave said...

This is a question that has been asked forever from explorers, mountaineers, etc. about why you do it. There is no totally correct answer.

My answer had to do with chemistry and addiction.

Addiction to the raised dopamine and serotonin levels (feel good substances) that I get in my brain while flying, hours after flying or pretty much any time I start daydreaming about flying.


firedave said...

Oh, I am also ready to collect my prize. An Ozone Mantra.

How do I know that I already won this?

Jorge borrowed it two months ago to go on the trip, because he didn't have an XC glider.

I might even go as far as to say Jorge is sponsored by DAVE and not by Ozone, as one might beleive.

Seriously, I hope you had fun with it in the Andes, and wish it was me hanging beneath that old Mantra.

Suicide said...


Here is my enrty . . . exacty 40 words:

"A semi-self-aware hominid gazed upon a bird.

Thus, 'The Dream of Flight' was born; usurping its DNA; dictating its evolution. It’s DESINY.

Paragliding is: 'The Dream of Flight' . . . realized.

I fly, because, I must.

I fly OZONE"

Now then . . . I am ready to collect my prize: An OZONe MANTRA!


Alex said...

Very succinct, Pete! But you can't win an Ozone Mantra with that entry. Not because you already have an Ozone Mantra (two of them must be better than one, I suppose), but because the fruits of this contest are not wings but Ozone schwag: t-shirts, jackets, bags, etc. Not that I would turn down any of that sort of paragliding booty.

Jorge said...

Yo Dave,

yes you right it is good to have more than one sponsor, thanks again for the mantra that was an awesome wing for the andes, so much fun.

Pedro as Alex said I think you used twice the number of words that you can use for this context and ironically I guess you explain all together in the last phrase "because, I must" (cool one).

Once again whatever you wanna write will be fine, and as Dave said there is not correct answer, actually this contest is not about totally correct or totally incorrect, it is about totally your answer, that's it.

So this time we have to get your answer in no more than 40 words, and that will be your correct answer for this contest.

Brazilian Ray said...

holla, Jorge!
glad to hear from you! coming back to hawaii soon??

Hope my entry will help you guys out. Great idea, by the way!
can't wait to see the answers!

Brazilian Ray