Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CG Helo at Makapuu Lighthouse on Wed, Feb 6th

I just got a note from the flight safety officer at the US Coast Guard Air Station at Barbers Point (he was one of the folks at the Oahu Safety Meeting last August). He wrote to inform us that the Coast Guard will be conducting helicopter operations around Makapuu Lighthouse on Wednesday, February 6th. He mentioned that the last time they did the training, they had to maneuver around a glider, which at times impeded the training. He asks that we please give them a reasonable amount of room to maneuver in this area. Please pass the word to anyone who might be thinking of flying Makapuu on Wednesday. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Did they say what time of the day they'd be there? I got some pics of them practicing a back in July (from the ground). I'd like to get some more.


firedave said...

The e-mail didn't specify a time. Sorry.