Friday, February 29, 2008

Membership data update

We're updating our membership data and need your help.

Please e-mail me at with the following information:

First and middle name:
Last name:
Cell Phone #:
Home Phone #:
Emergency contact name:
Emergency contact phone #:
USHPA Number:
USHPA Rating: P-?

Besides our online directory (currently showing your name, e-mail and phone #s), your address, rating and emergency information will be kept confidential and available only for the HPA Board of Directors.

Also, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the emergency contact info. Should it be displayed on our members-only online directory? Please say "yes, emergency contacts should be available to all members" or "No, keep it between me and the BOD only!"

I encourage visitors to register as well.

If you'd rather opt out and NOT have your name and phone numbers listed in our directory, please let me know as well and we'll take care of that!


Brazilian Ray 808-779-9013


Rich. said...

Nice work Ray.
Was I the first reply?
Thanx to you, Alex & other BOD's..., This club ROCKS.

Brazilian Ray said...

Yes, you were! Thanks!

close to 10 people have already sent their info!

JeffMc said...

This company makes a great product for all outdoor enthusiasts. It's an ID wrist band that can display your and your emergency contact's info on it. You can also include other helpful info like any allergies to certain medicines, or just a cool motto:


JeffMc said...

Oops - this is a better link:

Brazilian Ray said...

cool Jeff!
when sending your info please state if you'd like us to display the emergency info on the website or not.