Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not as good as a wedding or Ray's party...or is it??

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Please, if you can, bring a folding chair or two, they're running out of furniture as well. Thanks!

Finally, the time has come, and Kelly and Brian are outta here, off our beautiful island paradise. No one to report on my behavior back home in J-Hole.

For real, JHoleBrian, and his lovely girlfriend Kelly, are leaving in early April, and would like to invite everyone for a party, as an appreciation for a warm welcome and all y'alls hospitality.

The event will take place at their beautiful "freeway-front" rental property at 4540 Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu, 96821 (Kahala, just at the East end of H-1) this Sunday, March 30th, after 4pm.

Please, bring beverages of your own choice. And also please, bring your own plates and silverware for pupus, you will get to take 'em home with you (I ain't gonna wash 'em) ... Really, Kelly and Brian don't wanna use the disposable stuff and they don't have enough fine china for more than 3 people.

There isn't much room for parking at their place, but there should be plenty on Ainakoa St. and Kalaniki St., about a 30 second grueling hike to their place. If possible, RSVP by Saturday morning, if you could make it, since Brian is buying pupus and would like to have a sort of an idea of how many people are coming. Email or call 307.690.4717.

Thanks, hope to see you all there.

Czech Peter


Nick said...

I can just make out the paraglider in the background of the pic. Is that an Ozone or an Airwave, I can't really tell?

Nice pic!

Alex said...

Pete, that was a lovely picture of your lady friend, but after some consideration, I took the liberty of moving it further down in the article and adding a picture of Brian for the headline shot - I hope you don't mind - anyway, I think more people will recognize that one! If you have any better pictures of Brian and/or Kelly please feel free to use them instead.

I appreciate your humor and your frequent funny contributions to this blog VERY MUCH, but I know that not everyone is going to appreciate such a titillating picture on the front page of our paragliding club website.

Let's keep our photographic focus on paraporn, please - I think that's what we do best on this site! Thanks for your understanding.

Nick, I looked pretty closely and I'm sure that's an Airwave glider.

sandy said...

I just can't bear to look, thinking how painful that wedgie looks. Thanks for posting about the party anyway.

firedave said...

Is that outfit Gelvanor, Porcher or Skytex?

Will she be there.

I am there, with Patti and Lani.

volfik said...

Alex, i still think she looks much better than Brian, but that's me ...

I think you've been living too close to Laie for too long, The Others might be getting to you. I'm gonna keep a close eye on you and forcibly relocate you, when you stop drinking beer and coffee.

Hope you can still somehow make the party, she'll be there, so you get to see what she looks like from the front. Or, I'll just post some more pics, if the PG status of windlines allows ;))

See ya'll at Da Party