Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2009 USHPA Calendar Photo Request

As chapter of the year we should submit a few pics and hope to make the 2009 calendar. Here is how:



Please send us your horizontal-format digital photos or 35mm slides as candidates for the 2009 calendar project. Pull those flying shots that deserve consideration for next years calendars! Since our calendars are printed large format at high resolution, we prefer slides for the best possible reproduction, but high resolution digital submissions are accepted as well. (Pixel specs outlined below)


Please be aware that some cropping is required due to the proportion of the printed calendar and bleed requirements.

Submit horizontal photos in slide or digital format. Digital photos should be a MINIMUM of 3120 W x 2400 H (7.5 mega pixels), although 3900 W x 3000 H pixels (11.7 mega pixels) is preferred. Submit unaltered photos. Do not resize or change photo. We will make appropriate adjustments to the photos for calendar use. Only submit photos taken after January 2006.

  • Each submission MUST INCLUDE:

  • Signed contributor agreement (1 per photographer)

  • Each photo MUST INCLUDE:

  • A submission form with the following: photographer’s name, mailing address, phone and email address. AND a photo caption, location, site name, pilot name, wing maker & model.

    Submission info & forms are found here.

    If possible, please submit digital photos and caption information on CD or DVD to:

    USHPA 2009 Calendar
    ATTN: Martin Palmaz
    PO Box 1330
    Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1330

    Please inform me directly of calendar submissions through FTP, so that I am aware of your entries on the server. Photos that are not used for the calendar will be forwarded for potential use in the magazine.

    All contributors will receive confirmation of receipt and slides will be returned upon completion of the project. Digital submissions will not be returned.

    Looking forward to seeing your submissions!


    Martin Palmaz, Business Manager
    United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association
    Tel : 719-632-8300 / 800-616-6888 (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST) -7 GMT
    Fax : 719-632-6417

    US Mail:
    PO Box 1330
    Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1330

    UPS or FEDEX:
    1685 W Uintah ST
    Colorado Springs, CO 80904


    Waianae Jim said...

    Too bad my digital camera is only 6MP so I can't meet their criteria for submission.

    Anonymous said...

    Jim, if you have a shot ( that's 1 ), that you feel really strong about, properly exposed and not needing to be cropped too much, i can probably fix it for you, so that it meets their pixel requirements