Sunday, May 11, 2008

Remembering Jimmy

Thanks to everyone who came out to make the first annual Days of Jimmy fly-in at Kahana a noteworthy and memorable event. I counted at least thirty on the hill and another ten on the beach, including Stefanie and Jimmy's family. We shared hugs and stories, offered toasts, and sent flowers sailing into the air above the ridge at Kahana, a site where we have shared countless memorable hours with our unforgettable friend.

The conditions were too strong for flying, but that didn't prevent a few of our most fearless flyers from vying to see who was "More Like Jimmy" as they took to the air under the tiniest of wings.

Dave and Scrappy flew an entertaining early session in the incredibly strong conditions. Then at the end of the day, after the winds had gradually increased from howling to nuking, Dave and Jorge capped off the day with the final flower toss.

After masterful high wind launches worthy of Jimmy's memory, they patiently worked their way up and out over the water until they reached exactly the right points in the sky to open their bags. They released hundreds of blossoms, shimmering clouds of yellow and white plumerias carried by the strong wind currents to sail spinning all around the gathering of family and friends on the ridge.

Dave's idea of gathering on the hill instead of at the LZ worked out suprisingly well - I think we may end up trying that again sometime in the future. Berndt posted some great pictures which I have linked into the top of this article, and below you will find some video I took as well the excellent pictures Czech Peter took. If anyone else has pictures or video that could be linked here, let me know.


firedave said...

If our friend, Jimmy, was anything, it was about stretching the limits. Scrappy, Jorge and I were stretching the limits on our little gliders.
Thanks to Stephanie, Jimmy's family, Alex and everyone else for all you do. I think Jimmy would be proud.

Brazilian Ray said...

I agree with your, Dave! In order to honor Jimmy I felt like doing my longest kiteboarding XC, pushing over 15 miles, way out out in the blue ocean... I had my thoughts on him and when fear got close to me I thought Jimmy would be having fun and enjoying LIFE in my situation. This would push me harder to reach my goal in memory of our fearless friend.
Thanks Jimmy, I think you would be proud!

More like Jimmy!

Brazilian Ray