Monday, June 30, 2008

Hygienics Weekend

I can't remember the last time I flew from Makapuu to Kahaluu - I know it's been years though. This weekend, pilots flew to Hygienic Store on both days: on Saturday, Doug led Suicide Pete and Maui visitors Jon and Rich down there, and on Sunday, Pete flew there by himself, got a ride back from Joey, and then drove the chase truck for Dave, Scrappy and me as we went down there for the second shift. It was Scrappy's first time past Greenwalls. Mahalo to Pete for leading the way today and also for the retrieve.

I uploaded the flight to the Leonardo server on PG Forum here. Thanks to Jim for loaning me the cable and adapter to make that work! Also thanks to Jim for sharing his last magical cold beverage with me to calm my nerves before starting the mission. Hate to make a habit of that, but it sure seemed to help.


Alex said...

Dave, you're right - I just read that Puu Konahuanui is 3,150 feet at the summit, not 3,500. It's been so long since I had a chance to fly around it my memory of the facts was starting to fade.

firedave said...

Alex, I don't think that flight counted, you are DQ'ed for having illegal substances in your system.

Maybe you should bring a 7-pack to the Rat Race and give it a go.

I usually don't mind flying without a GPS, but when your batteries quit at 3700' deep within a cloud, I found I really missed it for a while. The is why I love my handy little, non-electronic, ball compass.

I have a photo of Alex passing between the uprights of the goalpost, I will upload it soon.

Thanks to Peter for the retrieve drive, after his flight to Hygenics. I really enjoyed the Icee at the field upon landing.

After a weekend of nice flying, I decided to get some non-flying things done today.

I did check Tantalus today, but by 3pm it was ODing and lightly blowing from the back.

Nice SAT's Jon, maybe you will motivate some of our guys here in return. I know of a few guys who are itching to give it a go.

Anonymous said...

Dave and Alex,

Thanks again for an amazing weekend. Glad to hear that a bunch of you made the Hygienic Store the next day.

Dave, Yodda one said... Do or do not, there is no try. Hopefully some of those guys get after it, as you have the perfect place at Makapuu to try stuff outside of a SIV clinic.

Hope to see everyone again soon....