Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sui's Bachelor Party!

Flying Monkeys: come join us to celebrate the end of single life for the logophilic Dr. Peter Arroyo! Event will kick off at the Yardhouse, 226 Lewers St, Waikiki, at 6:30pm Monday, 2 June, 2008. With fantastic food and over 100 beers on tap, it’s sure to satisfy the snobbiest of beer drinkers, a.k.a. Paragliders. You can park at the Hale Koa lot at the corner of Saratogo Rd and Kalia Rd. Please RSVP here, or call/text me at 707-718-1038. Also indicate if you're a potential designated driver.


Alex said...

Nick, I plan to be there - I'm sure we'll be able to cut loose a bit early from the flying scene tomorrow. I don't mind being a designated driver.

JeffMc said...

Much closer parking - take Beachwalk down to the end and take a left INTO the Embassy Suites. You can valet park there for $6.00 with validation from Yard House. I do it all the time (just went yesterday, in fact) Yard house is about 50 feet down a short hallway from there.


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't miss Sui's party for nothing either ;) and since the bachelor party in Town, starting at The Yardhouse, is way out of the homeless person's budget, i volunteer to be a DD. that should make it a bit more affordable for me ;)


Gravity said...

Eastside Pilots can rendezvous at my place and we'll take the Rav4 with seats for 5?
Czech Pete your hired as DSD..

Say 5:30 at my house...?

Nick said...

Finally, the pictures from the big night. They came out very well. There are a few more, but way too hot to post on a PG forum like this.

Okay, okay. I'm hiding the ones where everyone was giving me the finger...hurts my feelings.

Pete Bachelor Pics