Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good Bye Puka Wai

Puka Wai, my sailboat and home for the last 6 years will soon be going to a new owner. To give her a proper send-off, I would like to invite all my fellow pilots and friends to go for a sail and a barbeque on July 4th - this Friday.

I will be supplying the meat, but pupus and "liquid bread" are welcome! I do not have the room to accommodate ice chests, but no need - Puka Wai is a civilized boat and has refrigeration. My slip at the Ala Wai is a long ways to walk or carry stuff from the parking areas, So I can offer a short dinghy ride from the Fuel Dock. Parking may fill up at the harbor due to the Holiday, lots of surfers. There's also some parking at Ala Moana Park, or the Mall - also a short dinghy ride from the boat yard at the end of the bridge. The plan is to go for a sail around noon, be back around sunset for barbeque and the massive fireworks show for which we have a front row seat at the dock! The Harbor is at 1651 Ala Moana Bl. Link
If you would like to come, please RSVP asap.

phone: 808.223.0537 (you can also use this if you need a dinghy ride)


Alex said...

Berndt, that sounds like a great plan! I wish I could join you, but I am leaving Thursday night for the Rat Race. Have a great time, and say bon voyage to the old girl for me.

Anonymous said...

Alex, Sorry we'll miss you. If the weather cooperates, the sail will be long enough to ponder this macabre fascination with chasing rodents in the Oregon desert!

firedave said...

Thanks for the invite, but I am committed elsewhere.

Make sure you stop by Waikiki, because the Flotilla is on this year. It is centered on the guise that everyone is out there to watch the McFarlane Regatta canoe races. But, actually it is an excuse for a floating party, with plenty of young skin and general debauchery. Plumpus will be cranking out the tunes live on the party barge and it usually gets nuts. I am sure Frank will have his boat out there as well.

Remember: If it Floats, Flies or F__ks, Rent It!

Suicide said...


I wish I'd know earlier. Hillery & I would have loved to have gone.

Unfortunately, we already have plans.

(Such is the life a married man)

Drink a cold one (or two) for me.

Have a great sail.

Anonymous said...

Bob said:

Hi Berndt:
I'd never really given your chatter box moniker any thought but now that I know it's the name of your boat it makes much sense. Sorry I can't join you and I hope the post partem depression is short. Very glad the boat is going and you're staying as oppossed to the other way around. Hope to see you soon.