Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dawn to Dusk

Today's story at Kahana began at the crack of dawn, with a handful of intrepid souls waiting hours for morning showers to pass, and it ended with one lucky bastard who didn't show up until twilight but scored the sweetest flight of the day. Seventeen pilots showed up to fly three distinct flying sessions, punctuated by occasional squalls. Jeff says it was the biggest turnout of pilots at Kahana all summer.

It was another north day out here, a lot lighter than yesterday, and everyone but Nick and Dave launched from the North ridge. Lots of bay crossings were attempted, but only the comp wings made it today. Ray made it over during the first session, but he wasn't able to milk enough lift to stay over there. And Dave made it over for the last flight of the day, to Kualoa and back, as the sun set on a long day of flying.

French pilot William joined us on the hill and the LZ today. Jeff came out of hiding to reclaim his earlship with the day's highest flight above Puu Piei, at 2500 feet. Jim and Rich explored the very back of the lift zone on the Punaluu side, but they both managed to squeak back to the front safely. Maui pilots Zack and Abhay hiked up with Jorge for the middle session, and flew over the back to land deep in Punaluu Valley. And Berndt showed up at the end of the day to say hello.

Thanks to Jeff and Jorge for the beverages! Also, if anyone else took pictures, send me a link and I'll include them here - I forgot to start taking pictures until the end of the last session.


Anonymous said...

I definitely had the shortest flight in Kahana history. Damn squall never did happen. The hike felt good after all the drive-ups this summer on bumpy roads...


firedave said...

I really need to start carrying my camera. On my way back to Kahana, I left the Lion at 2300+, gunned the Targa into the wind at 25mph and got 3/4 of a mile offshore looking back at the windward coast. It was a great view in the late afternoon light. At least it is etched in my memory, until I forget it. Then I can do it again and it will seem like new again.