Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nanakuli Permit

The Hawaii Paragliding Association has been granted a one month limited right of entry permit from DHHL for the purpose of paragliding at Nanakuli.

As most of you already know, the accident and rescue effort for a visiting pilot earlier this year prompted the DHHL to post trespass warning signs along Ulei Loop in an effort to limit their liability, and these signs have caused some consternation among newer residents about our status there.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while we got this worked out. I know we've missed at least a few potentially good light-wind flying days over the last few months. And thanks to Quentin for his help making contact with the right people at DHHL. We will be renewing the permit each month, and eventually we expect to renew it for longer periods.

As we discussed in our recent association meeting, anyone who goes out there to fly can help us protect our new official flying privileges in a couple of important ways:

(1) Minimize our impact on the residential neighborhood. Please avoid parking on the makai corner of Ulei Loop, and consider carpooling and/or leaving cars at intended outlying landing areas (beach, playing field, Waikele) whenever possible. Also refrain from hanging out in the neighborhood before or after flying.

(2) Continue to treat the residents out there with courtesy and respect. If anyone is curious about our status, politely reassure them that we have a permit to continue our flying activities, and if they have any concerns, please have them contact me or any available board member.

Also, keep in mind that since we are insuring the DHHL through the USHPA site insurance policy, only full USHPA members are granted access under the terms of the permit. We need to make sure our visiting flying buddies are USHPA members, and remember to ask them to sign our association waiver before flying at Nanakuli.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience and help.


JeffMc said...

This is GREAT NEWS! Very big MAHALO to Quentin and to Alex. This is a such a positive thing for the club.


Rich. said...

Mahalo Quentin & Alex,
What does DHHL stand for?

Gravity said...

Good job guys... Muchu Mahalo for getting the permit for the 'Department of Hawaiian Homelands' (DHHL)

Brazilian Ray said...

great job!!!! Thanks a lot, guys!!