Friday, August 15, 2008

New Addiction

After watching Alex and One Eye scratching for lift at Kahana 2 days ago, I was inspired. So I sweatily climbed a windless hill. After vainly willing my wing to fly after several aborted attempts, I considered doing a forward launch, or still sticking to Sideshow Bob's tried and true dynamic reverse technique. I chose the latter when a slight puff ruffled my wing. Once airborne, the real challenge awaited my novice light wind skills.

I quickly discovered that timing your turns, correct brake input, correct bank angle, and weight shift are essential for successful scratching! Multi-tasking indeed. Meanwhile, back at the beach, Alex and One Eye were wagering frosty drinks on whether I would sled or not. (I won't reveal who doubted me.) It was a draw. I got in at least 7 good passes before chickening out after spying low launch above me. While on my approach, Alex volunteered a few light wind landing techniques, which I promptly ignored. I planted myself firmly beside him and his cold beverages. (I meant to do that.)

The next day at Makapuu I saw wings flying back and forth below Crazy Man's. Alex and Jetflap were showing how it's done. Again I pretended I was a sponge, soaking up as much as I could from these human Iwa birds. Alas, it turns out I was still a rock.
But I got in 25 minutes of good low level fun before hitting the sand. Practicing level turns, flying close to the hill, and always preparing to beach it if I got too low was a challenge for my meagre skills. But the important thing was: I was better than the day before. Could I have been even better with a newer wing? After scientifically analyzing the data for 20 seconds, the answer was: Yes! So that means it's a slam dunk convincing Lori that I need a new glider, right Alex?

Dropping down from my normal lofty heights has perhaps grown a few new brain cells that I might use in the future. The Rat Race? Nah, now I'm dreaming.

I'm hooked. I'm a light wind, low level junkie.

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