Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Crazy Man Tag Team

Another day, another spectacular aerial vista. Today's task: launching out of Crazies for some tag team flying. First Jorge flew a tandem, then just as he was ready to land, I launched and benched up over the hang ridge to soak up the mellow vibe at cloudbase, all alone up there for a couple of hours. Just as I was getting ready to land, Scot showed up and launched to take my place.

Jetflap and Nightshift showed up soon after that, and there was a rumor Scrappy might make it out as well. Nightshift posted a comment about Jetflap bowling them over - and he doesn't make accidental double entendres like that. I hope someone is willing to elaborate on the flying escapades from later in the day...

Jorge talked to the hang glider pilots before he flew - they said they had flown to Kahana and back in an hour and a half. That's impressive, but then you've gotta land those things! I tiptoed back into Waimanalo just a little ways, and found the headwind pretty strong coming back - I'll guess I'll leave these stronger days to the hang gliders. Another deterrent: the clouds were boating in from the ocean at just over 2 grand, which was strange considering how high they looked downrange most of the time. I also had a limited window before I had to pick up the kids. Thanks to Jorge for the heads up about the downrange potential. Next time!

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