Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arkansas Travelers

It was great to see two of our long-lost visiting pilot pals from Arkansas yesterday at Makapuu, as well as Harris, Jorge and Scrappy. The forecast was calling for prodigious volumes of rain on Friday, but the good karma of our visitors held the storm at bay until evening so we could enjoy a full day flying in sweet northerly conditions. (Update: click "read more" to see the video!)

We launched and toplanded numerous times at both Cactus and Manics over the course of the day, before our hunger and thirst finally forced us to retreat to Kona Brewery for a debriefing. Thanks to our generous visitors for the refreshments. And speaking of traveling, I'm leaving tonight for my quarterly pilgrimage to DC - see you guys in two weeks!

Update: here is Britton's video from Friday, starring Brit, Paul, me and Jorge. (Harris stayed safely high above the action, so it just wasn't his day to be a movie star. Next time!) There is some creative splicing going on in this production - you have to watch carefully during the parking lot launch scenes to figure out who is doing what. Thanks for shooting the video, Rebecca and Brit! That was a blast.

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Harris said...

Definitely a fantastic day--glad I took the chance and launched. :)