Friday, November 28, 2008

Wind Sensor News

The paragliding staff member of the Weatherflow team (Hugh Miller's pal David Morris) just wrote to let me know he is sending a team of installers to our fair island in the next couple of months for a big installation mission:

The guys here at WeatherFlow are looking to install more weather stations in Hawaii. Primarily we are looking for a replacement for Diamond Head, but the trip would only be worthwhile if another 2 or 3 new stations could be installed. Now, I’m thinking that the ever growing paragliding community could benefit just as much as the windsurf/kitesurf community here. Also, I should mention that technology has advanced significantly since I was last there. We can now install stations at sites without phone lines, and often without phone or power. Also, these sites are a lot more maintenance free. So let me know where you would like more real time wind and weather info, and we’ll take it from there.

I'd like to start a discussion here about ideas for new sensors. My first thought was Makapuu (I'm thinking perhaps not at the Makai Pier, but rather an alternative spot - Manics, Sea Life Park, Lighthouse, Hang Launch, Rabbit Island, etc). Any other ideas? Let's do some brainstorming so I can pass your ideas on to David and get us some more good weather information.


Alex said...

Also our Punaluu sensor is down at the moment, apparently from a power outage - I will call Piikoi today and see if he's around to check on it. I also asked David if his guys could help us recalibrate/replace the Punaluu sensor to correct our directional difficulties.

Waianae Jim said...

What about somewhere near Nanakuli on the west side? or Dilligham? For those lucky days when we get to consider flying alternate locations. I think Scrappy supposedly knows some of the people over at Sea Life park - so maybe he can give you a good point of contact there.

Gravity said...

Sub Steve is our point of contact for the pier. He might be able to re-install the one we put up there?

Sea Life park once told me that it was ok, to put one up there because they like us flying over there for the tourists that think it's part of the show...?

Alex said...

Jim, they already have one at Dillingham - it's the Mokuleia sensor. I think it's located right at the airfield tower. I definitely rely on that sensor when I'm considering heading out there.

But I wonder, would it really be useful to have one at Nanakuli? I'm not sure a shoreline sensor would be that informative. But maybe if it were up on launch. That would be pretty cool, to see the cycle strength and direction.

Sea Life Park might be good, if we could find a place high enough to get a clean fetch. The mast of the sailing ship, perhaps?

Pete, although the Makai Pier is an awesome spot, I am not personally interested in dealing with the politics over there - if you want to try to work something out, be my guest! I just think it would be a lot easier to look elsewhere and avoid the drama.

What about Manics? You couldn't tell much about the true wind direction from a sensor there, other than forwards or backwards, but it might be all we really need, in addition to measuring the speed of the venturi at the gap. Even if we had a sensor at Sea Life Park, I wonder if we'd be able to tell when it's too east (blowing through Manics the wrong way).

Thanks for the quick input guys, keep those ideas coming.

Brazilian Ray said...

I like the nanakuli idea.... I think it gets flyable way more often than we think!

other places to consider would be koko and also tentalus.

I am in touch with a kahaluu resident trying to get input for a place over there or maybe the kahaluu district park.

How about kualoa?

Anyways... the important one is makapuu. we should focus on that!

Brazilian Ray

Anonymous said...

I like Ray's suggestion of Koko Head. AWOL

Anonymous said...

I think your Rabbit idea is great. I don't know if it would actually be possible to get there and install it, but that would give you the most real speed and direction, no rotors anywhere.
And isn't the top of Rabbit about the same elevation as Cactus ?
Mokuleia sensor is on the top of the air traffic control tower.
I like the NAN launch idea as well.

Czech Pedro

Alex said...

Good suggestions - I wonder if Ray meant Koko Crater or Koko Head. I think either one would probably give similar readings anyway. Frank definitely spelled his preference out, Koko Head. Then again, maybe the Diamond Head sensor will help for that direction - I think the installers are scouting for a whole new location. Anyone have any ideas for a good spot at Diamond Head?