Friday, December 19, 2008

Last up at Lanikai

After days of chasing the fickle east/southeast winds all over the island, today we got smart and dispersed our network of scouts to monitor all the possible sites at once: Wrong Way Jim and Seattle James at Manics and Sandys, AWOL Frank and Portland Nate at Tantalus, and Seattle David and me at Lanikai, which turned out to be the call.

I was excited to try out my new wing. And Quentin joined us for his first flight in a year. Frank met us at the LZ but faded away before the action started. Nightshift and Lori hiked up just for the exercise and entertainment. Reaper and Joey heckled us from the beach before they had to leave to prepare for the birthday party. James had to leave early too.

I took the first launchable cycle from the east shoulder, and sunk out in very light conditions, but I hiked back up with Harris and Maui Doug after we saw David and Nate get up from the east shoulder. As we reached the pillboxes, Quentin was launching the north bowl, and made it out after a few minor complications.

After several tough unsuccessful launch attempts by Jim and Harris, Doug and I snuck off the hill for the last flights of the day, launching from the east shoulder. Jim and Harris hiked down while Doug and I soared for a while, making the most of the light but steady wind that was splitting the spur. We landed to share a couple of debriefing beverages on the beach before stopping in at Pete's party. Thanks for the refreshments, Doug!

It was great to have so many visitors and new guys up there for first flights at Lanikai. And it was great to get some airtime after a week of chasing it. And of course it was great to try out the new wing, even if it was only for a couple of brief flights.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for helping me pop my Lanikai cherry! I really appreciate everyones support and advice. What a beautiful spot!