Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hit the Target

Just a quick post. I had two flights at Kahana yesterday. First was a sled ride from North launch, landed and Ray cracked the whip and chased me back up to the regular launch.

Alex had top landed and taken off with no problem, as usual. Ray took off to get to the beach to radio me in, Big Island John took off, scratched and headed for the beach.

I launched, found lift and soared for a bit. Coming in for a landing, my daughters Maile & Kalei had made a sign "Land here Daddy" pointing to a bulls eye. I hit the mark. Thanks to Ray radioing me down to the mark like a remote control toy, I guess that means I can follow directions.

Great flight for me. Thanks to Ray, Alex, Waianae Jim, and the visiting pilots. Oh, and especially Arkansas Jen, for watching my girls.

I am officially addicted. Ray & I got home at O-dark thirty to have a meal & drinks prepared by our parawives, Donna & Noell. Bob was there, you remember him, he used to fly too (sorry, Don made me write that).

Again, thanks to all !!!



Waianae Jim said...

Great job Thom - two doses of Skyalis in one day - that must have kept you in an elevated state for hours. Did you get any sleep?

Thom said...

Yup I was beat.