Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Makapuu Soup

It was fun flying with visitors Chandler (Phoenix), Carson (Chelan), and Paul (Arkansas) at Makapuu today, launching Cactus in the lightest of sea breeze conditions under the haziest of skies.

It was possibly the ugliest day I have ever flown out there, with a dark and gloomy layer of clouds hanging low over the ridge, and a thick haze obscuring the view all around. But the incredibly smooth airflow made up for the poor visibility, allowing some sweet and easy toplandings at Cactus, just as some baby whales were breaching near the lighthouse.

I thought perhaps no one else was coming out, because the day was so overcast and grim, but just as our first shift was packed up and ready to leave, Frank and Jorge arrived to hike up and launch for the late shift.

Today was Carson's last day with us - he got to fly Makua, Koko Head and Makapuu during his visit. He was so stoked that he insisted on handing over a $100 donation for the club before he left tonight. Thanks, Carson! Come back anytime, and maybe we'll see you in Chelan one of these days.

Looks like tradewinds will return over the next couple of days, and maybe even some sunshine. I'm looking forward to that!

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