Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Morning After

What happens when you tell a bunch of paragliders there is a party at the Yard House?? They show up. Ray's birthday party was just too much fun. Thanks to all who came to share some stories, food and beer.

Peter, Joey & Alex started in the back sucking up from the long list of beers, soon to be joined by me. I slide off the stool to tell Bob & Ray to go back to the corner.

Noell & Donna scored us one table, and then the gang started to show up, until we flowed over to a second table. The roll call: Ray, Noell, Thom, Donna, Maile, Kalei, Bob, Alex, Peter, Joey, Wayne, Lori, Nick, Ginny, Aaron, Joe & Norma.

Maile & Kalei were very happy to see all their para-uncles & para-auntie.

Reaper provided the entertainment by chugging down a yard of stout, then he made Ray do one, and then forced some kind of shot that you drop into a glass of beer onto a few of us, what was that anyway, it was really good.

Welcome back Joey, hope you brought some calmer winds back with you.

We hope every one enjoyed themselves, and we hope to see everyone in the air soon. Too windy to fly, so we are off to Waikiki beach, where Ray is going to teach my girls how to surf.

Aloha, Good Fun, Thanks Again,


P.S. He was busy cooking all of us breakfast, so I scratched this thank-you down for him.


Brazilian Ray said...

Thanks Thom!

Anonymous said...

Irish Car Bombs - Ray. Good huh. There made with 1/2 pint of Guinness and a shot glass of Bailey's Irish Cream...